April 29, 2012

Baseball weekend

Phew! I had a career-high 10 outfield assists last night! I'm exhausted. No...wait a minute! It was some guy on TV who did that. Jeez. With the HD and the large screen and all, sometimes it's hard to tell who's doing what. But now I remember. Yup, it was definitely the guy on TV. I'm still tired, though.

Baseball's been weird and fun lately. I couldn't believe Ozzie Guillen put four pitchers into a game, each of whom walked his batter. It had never happened in baseball before. Four different pitchers in a row! And then two nights later his pitcher walks four batters in a row. The man is cursed by dog since he saluted Castro. It's an obvious dog-directed thing he's going through. Ozzie as Job: clear as day.

I also enjoyed watching (who the hell was it) who'd pitched 12 losing games in a row. Something like that pulls me into a game, you know? I hear it and I'm hooked. But he did well, the lad. One drama ended. The poor kid can sleep now.

And I don't care what that couple said on TV, they were cruel to that little boy. So there, Rangers couple! You will forever live in infamy. When little kids cry in this country, we give them the ball. It's how we roll. Understand?

Little dramas, spread throughout the leagues. I love it all. And in case this needs saying: I'm never ever going out again now that I've got an HD big-screen thing going on. Lord! (There are no lords, of course. Always remember that.)


Artichoke Annie said...

I enjoyed your Baseball weekend wrap-up. I peeked at the Cubs game, but spent more time with hockey. The Rangers did great, the Blues lacked luster, hopefully they will get on track in game two.

Adults who grab a ball away from a kid should be shot. Did I say that? Well maybe not shot, how 'bout tied to the flag pole for the rest of the season?

writenow said...

I just saw your comment. Thanks, Annie! I have to do more fun posts. I've been too crabby here lately. It's that damn popey guy. Grrrr. Hey, Cubs won today!