April 18, 2012

Go sign this petition

Remember Joseph Amodeo, the guy who quit the NYC church group over Cardinal Timmy Dolan's "arrogant and dismissive letter to Carl Siciliano"? Well, now he's launched a petition to ask Dolan to meet with some of NYC's homeless LGBT youth. Remember: this sinful cardinal may one day become the popey guy, which will give him a much larger platform from which to attack LGBT people. We've got to stop him now.

Add your name to the petition and let's see how this incredibly insincere, hateful man responds. Dolan should be hung out to dry over this and you can help.

Remember, 40% of the homeless kids living on the street in New York are LGBT. That's not right and it's even worse when a church that paints itself as a social service provider for those in need purposely avoids helping this group of vulnerable kids. It's sickening and un-Christian. Tell Timmy Dolan how you feel.

Thanks to Joe.My.God for alerting me to this petition. (Image stolen from Joe's site.)

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