December 3, 2011

Why are religious people so mean?

It's the question no one ever asks -- why do religious people enjoy seing others suffer?

It's not a secret. We can see the relish in their eyes as they tell people they'll be damned to hell for eternity. Judging by their facial expressions, the idea nearly gives them an orgasm. They like the idea that everyone but them will suffer eternal torment. In fact, they love it. Why is that? Why are these people so mean?

Why is it so damn easy for priests to rape kids? And why is it equally easy for their fellow priests to ignore their deeds and even protect them? Why don't these people grasp the suffering of the children and the wrongness of the deed? Is it because they're mean? It must be, right? What else can you say about this sort of behavior? The people that indulge in it are mean and immoral.

Why do these people lack a moral center? Oh, that's right. Because they think their religion provides them with a sense of morality when it does nothing of the sort. Rules are not morals. But let's leave that point for another post.

Today, what I want to know is why these people enjoy hurting others. Why are religious people so mean?


Anonymous said...

I think that the answer is a 2 part one.

First of all people turn to religion because they recognise severe shortcomings in themselves and they need it as a crutch to measure up to normal people. This explains the high number of nasty religious people.

The second part of the answer is that these nasty people have not really experienced a change upon their conversion to xyz religion but can now do as they please as all they have to do is ask god for forgiveness for anything they do.

This combination allows them to do anything and still feel OK about themselves because in their mind god has forgiven them and still loves them.

writenow said...

Sounds sensible to me!