December 31, 2011

On this brain-dead holiday . . .

Admirable folks at OWS.
New Year's Day is one of my top-two brain-dead holidays. The other is July 4th. Neither of these holidays means a thing. They're just opportunities to pig out and drink. Since I've already destroyed Xmas with the book Xmas Carol, I'll probably move on to either New Year's Day or July 4th with my next holiday-destroying book. They both heartily deserve all the negative attention I can send their way.

People make meaningless lists on this day: lists of the dead, lists of important events, lists of resolutions, etc. To me, these are nonsensical activities. There is no New Year's Day. It's just a half-assed notion designed to sell liquor. So the calendar changes by one day; it does that every day, kids.

But since everyone is in this silly mood, and because I have a readership that expects a "holiday" post, I'll list three things that made me happy this year.

1. Writing. Without writing, I'd be so bored that I'd probably kill myself. Writing is how I stay sane. The world outside can get as stupid, ugly and counter-productive as it wants -- but I still have writing to keep me busy and happy. Art makes life meaningful.

2. OWS. The appearance of OWS in the zeitgeist is the most cheerful thing to happen in many years -- decades, even. I offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who made OWS a reality. (I only wish it had arisen in response to the diminishment of our liberties. That money is the thing that kicked OWS in gear, I find depressing. There has been reason to protest for many, many years.)

3. The appearance of The Young Turks on a real, live, non-internet TV channel. This is a marvelous thing. I only hope the police state in this country doesn't escalate to the point where the authorities remove all "dissident" programming from the airwaves -- and shut down The Young Turks as their first move. (Let me be clear. I don't think we're far removed from being Egypt or Saudi Arabia. The Christian Taliban in this country wants us to join them in Sharia law. They say the word like they hate it, but this is exactly what they're fighting to achieve: Sharia in America, 24/7. Thankfully we're still free in certain ways. My prediction? It won't last. This country is on its last democratic legs.)

So happy New Year everyone. Enjoy the country while you can!

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