December 19, 2011

It's not OCD, after all. Woot!

With all the editing I've done on my horror novel, Xmas Carol, I confess I was beginning to wonder if I was nuts. Would I ever finish the editing process? Or would I do it for the rest of my life, always finding myself changing the wording each time I read it?

Well, it turns out I'm not crazy! There is actually an end in sight. In fact, the chapters I'm leaving behind me as I work my way through the book this time -- are perfect. I heartily approve of every word.

Seriously, I was beginning to wonder (and you were too, I know). I think I'm somewhere in chapter 8, and there are only 12 chapters. So two more days and I should be done. Then I'll just have to assemble the book and sprinkle it on all the stores.

Snap! I'm not crazy! Hooray!

Here's some news: I'll post the cover tomorrow. So get back here then if you know what's good for you. Wait'll you see the cover Casey came up with. It's insanely wonderful.


Artichoke Annie said...

I love you Keith - BUT (lol) I think you make a wonderful example why one should not edit their own work.

I gave up holding my breath. But I am looking forward to the finished product, I'm just not a very patient person.

As a former president of the United States said, "Get-er done"..........

Kisses and hugs.......Author, author!

writenow said...

You're right. I should hand it to my army of editors instead of getting personally involved. It would be simpler.