December 15, 2011

Great TV: The Young Turks

Cenk and friends.
If you're not watching Cenk Uygur's show, The Young Turks on Current TV, weeknights at 7, you're missing out.

Finally, Cenk can say what he wants to say. It's a smart show and Uygur is a savvy progressive. He doesn't just go with the dems and lash out at the GOP. Instead, he's a rational observer who tells you the truth.

I've been waiting forever for a show like this. Olbermann fell off the cliff years ago and Rachel's nice but I just can't watch her show. It's too showy, or something. The Young Turks is just right. Give it a shot. You'll be glad you did.


Artichoke Annie said...

Thanks for the tip, I wondered where he went.

writenow said...

The only bad thing is that it's very guy. Hardly any women. That part's kinda creepy.