December 14, 2011

The march of the moral twits

I keep seeing these appalling stories written by Christianists. They seem to have two themes:

1. America is 90% Christian (their figure) and therefore the country should be governed by Christian morals and rules; and

2. Only Christians understand morality because the only morals humans can know are the rules set down by god on stone tablets and burnt toast and whatnot. No one else knows a thing about morality. In fact, it is literally impossible for a non-Christian to be moral. Without god's Special Rules and Decoder Ring, we would be killing, raping and stealing 24/7.

Think about this. Is there anything in our country right now that's going in a positive direction? People are living in cars, kids are going hungry, people are being thrown out in the street, teachers are being fired, libraries are being closed, and fireman are watching houses burn because minor fees were not paid.

Americans can't tell right from wrong anymore. They don't understand the Constitution, they approve of torture, they dislike intelligent people, and they have absolutely no problem with being surveilled by a government that can lock them up without charges or explanation, forever.

If the United States is 90% Christian, I'd say god's morals are failing this huge Christian population on all fronts. It's nuts out there for normal people, and dangerous to boot. And yet the powerful continue to live in paradise, exempt from all laws as they try to squeeze every last dime from a poor population and take their Social Security and Medicare away.

If the above statistic is true, if the country really is 90% Christian, I guess it's time to say welcome to the Christian United States of 2011. But honey, it ain't purty.

Christian morality is an oxymoron. You only have to look at the church's response to the pedophilia issue to understand this. There is nothing moral about Christianity.

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