November 19, 2010

The gay-hating pope

Note: I had this post up about a week ago but then decided it might be too much for visitors and took it down. That was silly of me and I've changed my mind. In fact, I'll be trashing the pope regularly. Here it is.

The creature who now calls himself pope is one sick puppy. Please tell me why this man feels compelled to lash out at gay people at every opportunity.

Oh, wait. I already know. He's a closet case, that's why. I think every gay person recognizes, through gaydar, that the pope is gay. His self-hatred, then, is immense.

This is the creature who said this year that gay people are "an attack on creation." He said this in a world environment where gay people are often attacked and murdered because of their sexual orientation. In other words, this lowly man foments hatred and murder against gay men, lesbians and transgender people. This is undeniable and inexcusable.

We should not be surprised, however. This same creature went to Africa last year, in effect, to kill a lot of people who live there. He actually told these folks, who live in a country where AIDS is rampant, that condoms do not protect you against AIDS.  Let's repeat this in clear terms: The pope lied to people in a way that will cause their deaths. This is the type of man he is. This is the type of organization he heads. (I roar with laughter when the church speaks of a "loving god." Pompous, evil twits, all of them.)

The anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-progress, anti-democrat, anti-sex, anti-life pope still sits on his magic throne, making believe he represents a mythical and needless god. He is the definition of hatred. He is an animal.

I write the pope an email every time he does something vicious. In other words, I write him every week or so. If you'd like to write to him, try  This is the address announced by the Evil Empire when he became empress, er, I mean pope.

I have no idea if anyone reads the emails, but they don't bounce back. I imagine the vatican set it up to throw off the faithful. Actually, I don't think anyone has ever read any of these emails, though they might have told some poor nun to do it.  But then they wouldn't pay attention to her if she told them anything about any of the messages -- because she's a woman. Sounds right, actually.

Go ahead, let the old, self-hating fart know what you think about this religion of his, and how he handles himself. He could use some rational mail. 

Please note: This is not a hateful attack on the pope. It is an attack on the pope's hatred. Different species.

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