November 19, 2010

Kid characters

I've come a long way on the kid front. When I was younger, I avoided children, thinking I might break them. I even supposed that I didn't like them. Mind you, up to that point in my life I hadn't interacted with any, you know, real children. My feelings were based on theory.

Ah, but then my sister had two boys. That's them in the photo, when they were little. They're 15 and 16 now and I couldn't be more proud of them. They grew up right next door and I involved myself in their lives willingly and extensively. They were at my house for at least two hours every day for nearly ten years. I had the after-school to dinner period on weekdays, playschool on weekends, and invited them for a sleepover once a month.  I was there.

Seeing these fascinating infants turn into people in slow motion was the best experience of my life -- and that's why I include child characters in my novels. I love them, they're fun to have around -- why not include them? Kids are idealistic, good-hearted, creative, learning machines, so capable in their early years that it's astounding. 

So yes, there are child characters in all three of my books -- and not just in minor roles. Kids count, in my view. In fact, child characters are heroes in two of the books.

If we are clear-headed, it's obvious that kids are the most important creatures in the world. Their continued health and safety is our main responsibility in life. I try to foster this idea in my books. Nothing matters as much as children. Nothing. 

(Please note how we atheists have no problem understanding the basics of morality. Religion is unnecessary and completely uncoupled from morality.)

Like gay people, children are a part of normal life and both will always have a place in my stories. Have you included children in major roles in any of your fiction?

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