November 10, 2010

I wrote today

That's the name of the game. The only question for any given day is: did you write today?  If the answer is yes, I consider myself to be a Major Sucess.  I scream, "Yay!!!!!!!!!" in my journal.  I really do.  And I deserve it because I've done my job.

Today I wrote the next scene for Ink, the book that contains four (I've shaved it down to four) short stories, surrounded by an "over-story".  The short stories are already written, though they need to be edited.  What I'm doing during this off-period -- while I'm waiting for readers to get back to me about my horror novel -- is trying to finish up this odd book.  It's a spare-time project.

There are still aspects of the plot that I have to hash out, but today I think I did a good job of setting up the premise, the trick of the outer story.  It's getting there.

That's what it's all about: writing and moving ahead, and in the process creating new worlds.  I love being a writer.

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