November 13, 2010

Reading "The Worlds"

It's very peaceful in the country, something I never suspected when I lived in Manhattan. Or maybe I thought "peaceful" meant boring. Turns out I like it. This is a photo of the pond in my backyard. (When the water vapor rises from the pond surface like that, I always hope a dinosaur will pop out. Never happens. Darn!)  I'm still amazed that I don't live in a concrete jungle anymore. Mind you, I loved my concrete jungle and cast no aspersions in NYC's direction.

As promised, I began reading my first sci-fi book, The Worlds, today. I was hesitant to begin. After not looking at it for over a year, would I be in for a rude awakening? Would I learn that I've been dreaming for the past two years and the book isn't good? I still get those fears from time to time.

But lo and behold, I'm enjoying it a lot. I tried to read it as an ePub on my Sony Reader at first, but that didn't work. I can't look at my words without an urge to improve them, so I went to the computer and read it in Scrivener instead. This gave me the freedom to change a word here and there, not that I did very much of this. It sounded fine.

In fact, I think it sounded quite good. I'd be proud to release this to the public, and I suspect that time is not far off. Hang on, the book is coming.

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