November 1, 2010

What worlds?

"The Worlds" is the name of the first sci-fi novel I wrote just a couple of years ago, at the age of 60.  The name is appropriate in another way too.  We writers create worlds, and I want to talk about those worlds -- how we make them, and what it's like to do this.

I've written two more novels since then.  The second one was the follow-up to the first novel.  I plan to write a trilogy, now that book 2 is finished.  That second book is called, "The Pod, the God, and the Planet."

After that, I wrote a Xmas horror novel.  After writing two novels that take place in my "Worlds" universe, I wanted to see if I could write in a different genre.  So I wrote "Xmas Carol", a fun romp through the Xmas landscape, with shivers along the way.

I haven't submitted any of the three books to a publisher, mostly because I can't decide if I want to pursue traditional publishing, or self-publish.  More about that later.  But my books did not sit unread.  I'm lucky enough to have a group of four or five faithful readers who are always willing to plow their way through my books.  I'm very grateful to them because I've gotten a lot of good feedback.  The best thing, of course is that my readers keep telling me they really liked what they read. (And I've learned how to ask my readers useful questions, like, "What part did you like the least?  Why?  What did you like best?  Did something bore you?  Tell me about it."  "Which characters seemed the most real to you?  The least?"  Etc.) 

They did a great job and unless they're all lying to me (and I know where they live, so they'd better watch out), they really did like them.  I repeat this because it's so shocking to me.  They liked my stuff.  

Hearing that someone liked your book, that they worried about this or that character, even cried when something happened to a favorite character -- is amazing.  Getting reader feedback is a tremendous help.  They can point out obvious problems that you, the writer, were blind to.  I've altered the trajectory of two books because of reader comments.  They were invaluable.

But here's the thing.  Nothing I have ever experienced compares to the excitement I've felt while writing these three books.  It was almost a magical experience.  When I'm writing and the going is good, I feel like I'm on a roller coaster, that I'm hurling through a landscape, that everything is going 100 mph.  I just type without thinking and watch, amazed, as the scenery (the words on the screen) go by.  It's like being an observer, as if someone else does the writing.  It's the most amazing thing I've ever felt.

And that's why I wanted to start this blog, because of that electric excitement I feel when I'm writing.  I want to talk about it, to revel in this wild process that's taken hold of my life.  It's all about writing now; it's the only thing that matters -- creating new worlds.  And as a bonus, I get the opportunity to point out a few truths about life along the way. You can't beat this.

I start this blog, hoping to connect with other creative people, especially those who are actively writing (or creating in another field).  We are the luckiest people in the world.  I believe this, and will write much more (undoubtedly too much) about it very soon.

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