December 19, 2014

The Sony hack

If I was running things, here's what we'd do. Sony is expected to lose up to $100M over this nonsense. That may be a lot to them but it's chickenfeed to the government. The head of Sony should have called Obama and worked this out:

The government gives Sony $100M. In turn, Sony releases "The Interview" for free to every American household that has a cable or satellite connection. It is also uploaded to YouTube as a free view. And Sony tells the world that any broadcaster who will show the movie in their own area gets a free copy to distribute. The entire world sees "The Interview".

End of story, sorta. The rest of it is that American companies, which are totally hackable, need to up their game immediately. Make your networks secure! It can be done, you're just not doing it. Because the US can't be expected to fork over a hundred million dollars every time this happens.

But just this once, it would have been lovely.


Artichoke Annie said...

But Keith, that would require thinking outside the box, remember this is a nation of lemmings.

Smashing good idea though.

writenow said...

Counting you and me, that's two votes total. I believe they call that a landslide. Thanks, A.