December 31, 2014

First time ever

I eat boring food. Not only that but I eat the same boring food, day after day. Today, in an effort to ignore New Years Eve -- which seems to be a holiday in search of a purpose -- I decided to cook all day and into the night.

The thing is, I usually make one thing per day when I cook. But today is special so I'm making all three of my world-famous (to me) dishes. I've never even tried two in one day. Three? Call Guinness!

I'll probably be up past midnight with the rice and beans but that's okay. When I wake up on January 1st, all my cooking will be done! This will supply me with breakfasts and dinners for at least two weeks. There's nothing like looking in the freezer and seeing tons of iced-over containers of food. Gives me a real lift, it does.

But the really-really great thing is that this gives me an idea for a New Years resolution: I resolve to never do this again. Ever.

What's your New Years resolution?

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