December 5, 2014

The racist, sexist Republican mindset

Finally, someone says what we've all been thinking. That someone is Timothy Egan. In an op-ed in the NYT today, called "A Deficit of Dignity", I found this:
It’s one thing to make fun of Nancy Reagan’s designer dresses. It’s quite another to ridicule Michelle’s Obama’s rear end, as the Republican congressman James Sensenbrenner did, trying to discredit the first lady’s Let’s Move initiative. Why a politician with a red bulbous nose and no discernable chin — the very caricature of a pampered political hack — feels that he’s in a position to comment on someone else’s appearance is another question.
A similar thought comes to mind whenever I hear beastly men dissing a woman's appearance. But, but...look at you. Egan's description of Sensenbrenner is actually kind. The man looks like a fat and particularly ugly hog. And Sensenbrenner's ugliness is not merely external -- he's a horror inside and out. Contrast that with Michelle Obama, who looks great and has a kind disposition.

The op-ed is about the disrespect shown to both Obamas, and Egan is 100% right. Check it out if you're so inclined.

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