December 29, 2014

Appalling rightwing visuals

Visuals matter. The wingnuts never understand this.

In NYC, throngs of white people are holding events to show their mindless support for racist police officers. In image after image, there is a sea of white people holding candles and signs -- and there isn't one person of color. Not one. I doubt that rightwing viewers notice this. To them, the crowd probably looks "normal". It's sad, really.

So, let us pause and review. What we see in the news are huge groups of people of all colors marching against police brutality directed at people of color . . . and throngs of white people screaming "Leave our cops alone!" Extra bonus: Rudy Guliani -- nitwit of nitwits -- is on the side of the racists. Right there, you know something stinks to high heaven.

Is there really no one in rightwing circles who can tell them, "Uh, those images on TV and the news, of only white people supporting our side of the issue, could be a teensy problem." Apparently not.

Each day, they show exactly who they are and frankly, they don't give a damn. They themselves are the proof that their argument is a racist lie. They are white people, and only white people. And every single one of them is a racist. End of story.

That's the true joy of wingnuttia: it's all wrong, all the time and they don't even know or care. USA! USA! USA!

Image: Twitter, The Independent

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