July 4, 2013

Independence. It's a good thing.

On this July 4th, independence comes to mind. No, not the old-timey "we're free from British rule" kind of independence. I mean real independence.

On this blog I've said many times that when the world gets too low, when everything in the news is ugly, boring, small-minded and evil, there's a place I can go. That place is inside my mind, where stories and characters and plots spring to life.

All this is by way of announcing that it worked: I'm writing the next book. I can't express how invigorated I feel after only a few days of work. When I write, the shackles of life and circumstance fall away and I find myself in a place where anything can happen. That's true independence.

Happy 4th of July, everyone. I hope you find your way out, too.

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