July 23, 2013

Blogging (and life) update

I know, I know: I haven't been trashing the Vatican as much as you'd like. But I'm busy writing the next book -- and that's exactly what I should be doing.

Anyway, the Vatican has turned into a cartoon. Earning "indulgences" for following the pope's tweets? How can you make fun of something so dumb? You don't need satire here. It's enough to know that the church is offering people a way to shorten their stay in Purgatory by...clicking on something on their computer or phone.

And the pope's ludicrous arrival in Brazil yesterday! What can I say? The man must want to be killed (and I assure you there are many in the Curia who would love to do the deed). I like his focus on poverty, but offering Jesus as a constructive way out of this dilemma is ludicrous. Let's see this pope sit down with the IMF and straighten them out. That might mean something.

Look, all churches are based on nonsense. There's nothing sensible about any religion. Belief in gods is, quite simply, a scourge upon humanity. In the end, I truly believe that religion will bring about humanity's extinction. I'm sure some of you think this remark is over the top. But once you let nonsense into your mind -- like the idea of living after death, and the very existence of gods and angels -- your mind is open to any sort of idiocy. And that is the road to ruin.

We need a rational approach to our global problems. But as long as religion continues to delude most of mankind, we'll never get to the point where we can come to grips with our problems. After all, why bother? Jeebus will fix everything -- and it really doesn't matter, in the long run. After all, we're all going to heaven, where everything is pink and fluffy and faaaabulous. Why worry? Sigh.

As for me, I've been easing myself back into fiction-writing mode. Little by little, it's happening. Not only am I writing the new book; I'm also thinking about the story as I walk, shower, watch baseball, and live my life. That's the most important trick: creating a place in your mind where the story can blossom. The game is on, kids. The new book ("The Worlds") is happening.

So hang on. When I've finished the book I'll return to blogging full-time. And at that point, I promise I will bash religion relentlessly, day after day. But for right now, I'm busy. And thank dog for that.

PS: I think they should name the Royal baby "Nit".

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