October 30, 2011

Weird October

Note: We lost power yesterday just as I was about to post this:

Since Autumn in New York seems to include a snowstorm this year, I thought it was time to post this ambivalent song about October. There's no video to speak of, but I've always liked this Pet Shop Boys tune. There's something comforting about the mood it creates.

Meanwhile, the poor geese are swimming in the pond while trying to ignore the snowstorm. I hope they don't get confused and migrate too early in the season. If they do, they won't find what they expect on the other end of the journey. There is an exquisite timing to these migrations, and climate change is going to screw all that up.

Here's the song. PS: If I disappear, we've lost electricity. A wet, heavy snow is coming down in heaps right now. The fact that there are still leaves on the trees makes this more alarming. The weight of the snow will surely bring a few trees down--and they will take power lines down with them. Hope to see you soon!


Artichoke Annie said...

Perfect song for a snowy day.

writenow said...

We spent 24 hours without power. It was a scene because it was so cold. Fireplace time. And of course, none of us collected water before the snow; we just charged our devices. No real-world concerns at all.

I ate snow, I was so thirsty. It tasted filthy and OILY! Aaargh. It was probably riddled with cesium. But we used the snow to pack our frozen stuff up. Saved the freezer contents. It is SO nice to have power again. I hope it lasts.