March 30, 2015

Unintended consequences and a movie

So Indiana thinks it's fine to refuse service to gays because of one's extra-special holy "religious beliefs". See, they're not being anti-gay at all. They're just being pious. And if you can't see that, you're sinful!

But, in the spirit of the Satanist Temple, an unexpected consequence has arisen. It seems if you believe that marijuana is a sacrament, the new law will protect you and your weed from the police. Fantastic. (Still, I hope Indiana falls into a huge sinkhole for trying this.)

And now, about that movie. I watched "Interstellar" last night. What a good movie. It works on all levels: cinematography, story, acting, adherence to scientific principles -- everything works! I bought the movie at iTunes since I was sure I'd watch it more than once. And I will. BTW, view it in letterbox format if you can. As I say, the cinematography (especially in the space-travel scenes) is stunning. You don't want to cut off even a bit of the screen.

Merry Monday, all. Perhaps Spring will arrive this week. That would be grand.

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