March 12, 2015

Life goes on

Subway tiles for backsplash.
I have four more scenes to edit and I'll be done with book 2. Sorta. I still have to read it and see what it is that I've written. But I think I'm almost there. (This book is "The Worlds", a sci-fi novel.) It feels good to be writing. I love to play with words. In heaven, that's all I'll do, you know. I've been told this by various deities. It's a for-sure thing.

So there's progress on the book -- and there's progress on the move to a new house. Yesterday, I picked out the tile for my kitchen backsplash (that's the stuff on the wall above the kitchen counter; the term is typical HGTV talk). That's a photo of the subway tiles I chose, along with the dark grout that will go between them. I detest white tiles with white grout. It ends up looking like a cheap plastic panel that came from China. Black or grey grout makes the tiles pop. So I'm quite happy. (The tiles are 2x4". The larger ones are great for showers but I think in a kitchen, this is the right size.)

Beyond this, baseball is back! Like a rejuvenating balm, the games are washing over me and wiping away the world's sins. I am clean and renewed. And Jeebus had nuthin' to do with it. Yay!

Anyway, I'll be posting when I can. But mostly I want to knock out that book. Someone has to, right? And if not me...


Artichoke Annie said...

WTG. Keep it going.

This is day two of walking and I went .6 miles further than yesterday. Yes!!!! Tomorrow I bet I can make 3 miles.

I think we are pushing Old Man Winter into the back of my ice cave that I use during hockey season. Of course hockey will still be going on for awhile but we can all huddle up front close to the door. If you squint your eyes you can almost see a baseball game.

writenow said...

I see it!