March 19, 2015

Reach out and hate someone

Y'all have seen the stories about Dolce and Gabbana's hateful comments. "Synthetic" children, indeed. It brought to mind another hate-monger: Daniel Murphy, the Mets' second baseman. He too felt he simply had to say something vicious about gay people. And then both explained their comments. The explanations didn't work.

See, here's what happened, guys. (I'm talking to them, not my readers.) You were living happily within your million-dollar bubbles, getting everything you want every day, without question. And yet you felt you had to reach out and hate someone.

There is no "satisfactory" explanation for your remarks. You simply decided to reach out and hate someone. End of story. I can't even watch a Mets game now. And if I was even slightly aware of the clothes that D&G make, I'm sure the sight of them would make me nauseous.

Inside your zillion dollar bubbles, you felt the need to harm innocent people. You're pigs. Period.

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