February 18, 2015

Will fans cheer for this nitwit?

Alex Rodriguez is a disgusting creature. I've been wondering why the Yankees would even consider putting this loser on the field. Perhaps this article provides the answer.
There ain’t no easy way out for the Yankees, unless they release Rodriguez. Until then, he is like that stench in the carpet that will not go away. No matter how much you spray and scrub, sometimes you have to just give up and throw the thing out.
That's what I would expect: throw the bum out. But that's not what they're doing. The writer goes on:
The Yankees will go through the charade of spring training, partly to see if Rodriguez’s hips break down and force him to retire. In that case, the team would fulfill its fantasy of collecting, through insurance, most of the $61 million still owed Rodriguez.
Ah, I see. They're hoping he'll injure himself. Kinda fun, actually. I wonder if they'll play him hard, to encourage serious injury. Nah, he'd just sue them. That's all the guy is good for: hiring lawyers to claw at other people's checkbooks on his behalf.

I can't imagine being a Yankees fan right now. How can anyone look at this guy without feeling disgust? I certainly can't. And let's remember that when it counts, A-Rod will always let the team down. If the Yankees are one run down with the bases loaded in their favor, and Alex Rodriguez is the final batter, NY fans may as well head for the exits. He'll bomb out every time, guaranteed.

Any Yankee fans want to chime in? Are you looking forward to the coming season? If so, why?

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