February 24, 2015

The cold hasn't stopped, but hope springs eternal

It was minus 10 this morning. I've never seen so many double-digit negative temperatures in NY, and I've been around for a good long time. This is one heck of a winter. (Somehow, "hell" doesn't work with "winter". So "heck" it is.) But, but...are there signs of spring on the horizon?

Well, not quite. But I did see two lonely temps in the 40s in the 10-day forecast for NYC. It won't be that balmy here in upstate NY, but it's a sign. Spring, she is coming.

Providing more proof, there are actual baseball games in the next fourteen days (the furthest out that my TV listings can see). I've scheduled the DVR to record about 10 games. Woot! I miss baseball so much in the off-season. All winter, I try to make believe it's okay, that baseball will truly come back and I'll still be alive to see it -- but it doesn't work. Winter is a lonely, dead thing. And this one, with its fierce temperatures and winds, has been a nightmare.

But the nightmare is almost over. Just think, all us guys will soon be able to wear our shorts, nail polish and bracelets again. Double-woot! I cannot wait.


Artichoke Annie said...

"Spring she is coming" AND Winter HE is leaving. Let's play ball.

cm said...

The cold is no fun down here in the city either. I remember there was a February about maybe 20 years ago or more that had a couple of bone chilling weeks but this seems worse. The only thing that we got away with is the snow. Not much snow here this winter. I suppose it still can happen. I hope not. Let's think happy baseball thoughts!

writenow said...

You're right about the snow. I agree that it's good that we haven't had much. but my nephews would disagree vehemently. They really want to go skiing. Hi cm. Baseball!

writenow said...

Annie. He. Hmph.