February 17, 2015

Long ago and far away

In the 1960s, Sam Andrew was incredibly kind to me. I was a heroin addict at the time and, trust me on this, I didn't deserve anyone's kindness. But that didn't stop him. It was just his nature.

Once, after giving me everything I needed to survive -- despite the fact that I hadn't asked for a thing -- he took his shirt off and traded it for mine. It was as if he was saying "what I have is yours". It was just his nature to do things like this. 

I've thought of Sam many times since then and I was sad to learn of his death.

Sam Andrew, you were a good, good man.


cm said...

Interesting story. He was a good guy. Like someone else I know. Initials KO. Sounds like he may have positively influenced you.

writenow said...

It's funny isn't it? Who influences you. I think in the end everyone does. Hi cm!