August 10, 2014

Who knew?

I was very surprised to read this bit of advice about cleaning sponges. What surprised me is that I've never heard it before:
For example, it’s obviously important to clean your sink and counters regularly, but what you clean them with makes a difference.

“Make sure you are not doing it with a dirty sponge. So often our sponges harbor all kinds of bacteria. The best way to take care of that: you can microwave it in 30 second intervals or so until it smells good,” said McCraken.
Such a simple thing. Why isn't this shouted from house-tops all across America? I mean, it's so easy and sensible. Anyway, we'll all do this now that we know about it. Right?


Artichoke Annie said...

I knew this but I still won't use sponges in my kitchen. I am an old fashioned dish rag personal. And they get tossed in the wash with bleach.

I also heard you can pop sponges in the dishwasher to clean them as well.

The only sponge I like is SpongeBob Squarepants.

writenow said...

I never heard of someone who didn't use sponges. I am in awe of your culinary practices.

You know, the other thing that comes to mind is that we could put our kitchen towels in the microwave now and then. Dog knows how long you'd have to cook them, but I'm wary of kitchen cooties. If a vegetable touches the sink, for instance, I toss it out. The sink is evil, as I understand it.

Thinking about the creatures who live on the tiniest levels is weird and spooky. Let's not even bring up beds, okay? Can we have a pact on that?

Hi Annie!