August 20, 2014

FFF is the way forward for bloggers

Hey, bloggers. What say we try something new?

Let's establish a new rule. From now on, the fifth Friday of any month will be a Fact-Free Friday. On such days, bloggers are free to report any crazy thing they want to. There's no need for facts here.

For instance, a blogger could post a headline that says "Pope blasts off into space, leaving church behind".  The lede could be: "I'm sick of Earth, I'm sick of God, and dog knows I'm sick of the goddamn Curia!" the pope said as he spat at a photographer on the tarmac. Those close to the scene say the pope farted before entering the rocket ship. He did not say "excuse me".

Or maybe we could post the following on Fact-Free Friday:

Hillary Clinton says she will not vacate the Electoral Toilet Seat since that would allow someone else to sit down. "I'm going to remain right here on this esteemed bowl through Election Day," the presumed candidate opined from her stall.

Oh, wait. That's not a joke story; it's real. Never mind.

Seriously, we could have fun with this - but only if huge numbers of bloggers do it. And remember, it's not often that we have five Fridays in a month. That would make it extra-special.

What would you post on your blog if today was a Fact-Free Friday?


Artichoke Annie said...

I'm going with the apostrophe approach 'cus that's just the way I am, probably 'til the cows come home.

writenow said...

I assume this comment goes with the post above this one. One aims, one fires, and sometimes one misses by a hair. But no matter what, one is stalwart for posting in the first place (as opposed to lurkers). So bully for you, madam. And I applaud your choice.