July 11, 2014

You, hamburgers and the climate: a tale of woe

If climate change disturbs you, as it should, then do one simple thing: stop eating meat. The evidence is in:
Analysis of data received from a satellite in 2004 has shown that at least during that year, livestock in the U.S. emitted more methane into the atmosphere than did the oil and gas industry.
This isn't nonsense, it's a fact. You may have heard of facts. They're the things you must pay attention to.

Don't eat meat. It's not only cruel, it's about to change the world in a really bad way. Why make our kids suffer for our mistakes? Is your steak really so important that you're willing to condemn the children of the world to a hot, inhospitable planet? To you, meat is just a food, right? So give that food up. It's quite possible to do this. There are lots of other things to eat. No human needs meat in his or her diet.

We're killing the Earth and we don't seem to care. We all need to wake up, pay attention and change our habits. It's not that hard. Really.

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