July 2, 2015


I keep returning to YouTube to watch this video, after first seeing it on Jerry Coyne's web site. This is Sinatra at his best. He did the recording of "It Was a Very Good Year" in one take. This is it. Amazing.


cm said...

Wow. This brings back great memories of relatives coming over on my the weekend and having a great time whil listening to this on an 8 track player. What a talent he was. He knew he had an amazing gift and he used it.

writenow said...

Hey, cm. Good to see you. What gets me is the total control he has in this clip. It's as if normal human constraints didn't apply. He truly was the definition of cool.

cm said...

I actually saw him in NYC one night. I was driving across town and the traffic stopped and there was some kind of small commotion. I saw a black car stopped and the plate said NY NY or something like that. I don't remember if he got in or out of the car but at one point he looked right at me for a second. It was like he was processing everything going on around hiim and like you said, in total control.