May 9, 2014

I think I'll skip Rosemary's Baby this weekend

Scene from the real version of Rosemary's Baby.
From the moment I heard about it, I was hostile to the idea of a TV remake of Rosemary's Baby. You can't remake perfection. Roman Polanski's movie based on Ira Levin's novel is a faithful visual presentation of the book. Scene for scene, it's the book come to life.

It seemed to me the TV remake would be like the sad and embarrassing remake of Psycho in 1998. Seriously, you cannot remake perfection. You just have to move on. So I was predisposed to dislike the "new" Rosemary's Baby, which will debut Sunday at 9 pm on NBC. (The next episode will air on Thursday night at 9.) Hashing it over, I decided not to watch the show. And maybe that's a sound decision, in light of this review of the mini-series in today's SF Gate.

I liked the following snippet from the review. Dave Weigand, the reviewer, is dissecting the fact that the press release for the TV mini-series failed to mention the earlier perfect movie by Roman Polanski.
Then again, why mention the baked Alaska from last year's gala dinner party when you're about to serve Hostess Twinkies at this year's pot luck?
Sounds about right. So, are you going to watch it?


cm said...

I'd rather watch Cosmos at 9pm Sunday. I do want to watch the original version now that you brought it up. I never really watched it. I remember seeing some of it when I was maybe 10 and it scared the jeebus out of me.

writenow said...

Cosmos is a good choice. I could do without the cartoons but it really attacks religion head-on. Gotta love that. I still don't understand how it can be on Fox. Makes no sense at all. Hi cm!

cm said...

Seth McFarland produces it. He's the one who created Family Guy and American Dad also on Fox. Google Seth McFarland Cosmos. It's interesting. I didn't know Cosmos is a remake of an 80s miniseries.

writenow said...

The original series was earthshaking. This one is too but I wonder who's watching. At my nephew's college he watches it with friends. I'm told they really enjoy it. That's great to hear. But yeah, the original Cosmos was incredible.

Artichoke Annie said...

I tried to watch it a couple of times but it just didn't grab my attention. I mean pretty pictures and all...

But there is no accounting for my TV tastes.