April 26, 2014

President Hillary Clinton's gonna be a real pip

This is just what I want to hear from a presidential candidate. Here's Hillary talking about her church:
"I love that church. I love how it made me feel about myself," Clinton said. "I love the doors that it opened in my understanding of the world, I loved the way it helped to deepen my faith and ground it."
Sigh. Go read the story. It's sickening. This is just what the country needs: another Jesus-spoutin' candidate who has accomplished absolutely nothing in her life.

A candidate like this is sure to change things for the better around here. I can't wait. Maybe she'll build on her previous "success" by passing a second law about desecrating the flag. It could make it illegal to gaze at the American flag with a shady expression on your face. Or it could force Americans to kneel and pray to it.

One can hope, anyway.

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