April 7, 2014

Pope Francis decides to kill Africans, for Jesus

New pope, same old story. Who cares if African people die? As long as they're not using a condom, they'll go straight to heaven. There's no problem here, no problem at all.
Pope Francis has praised church workers in Africa who promote chastity as a key way to prevent the spread of HIV. Francis was speaking Monday at the Vatican to bishops from Tanzania.
Many non-Catholic health care workers advocate condoms as an important weapon to fight the spread of the HIV virus that causes AIDS. The Vatican opposes condom use because church teaching forbids contraception.

Francis praised church health care workers in Africa who care for those with HIV/AIDS and "all who strive diligently to educate people in the area of sexual responsibility and chastity."
People won't act in a sexually "responsible" manner if being responsible is defined as practicing chastity. People have sex. It's what humans do. And now that the pope has said this, many Africans won't use a condom because they think that doing so would be a mortal sin, punishable by an eternity in hell (provided by the "loving god" of Christian fairytales. Thanks, jeebus!).

Because of this announcement, more Africans will have unprotected sex, get HIV and die. To Francis, this is preferable to having a lovely bout of sex while wearing a condom. Mustn't have fun. Fun is sinful.

Pope F, we had high hopes for you. But your church fetishizes death and you just jumped on board.

And all this to praise a nonexistent god. It's sickening.

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