August 11, 2016

The Trump game

We don't need to recount Trump's insane behavior here. I'm sure you're familiar with his lunacy by now. But here's the thing: if Trump bows out just before the election, whoever the GOP puts in his place will beat Hilary easily.

Trump will get what he wants: continuing attention and quite probably a flagship show on Fox (plus the ability to sell useless items to stupid Fox viewers and other imbeciles on his mailing list), and the GOP will score a most unlikely win.

People just don't like Hillary. Given any seemingly sensible alternative, they will vote against her and thereby elect the GOP apparatchik.

The second amendment threat that Trump issued yesterday may provide the perfect means to drive him off the ticket. And he won't care at all.

This is frightening. But our country has been terrifying for many years now. Remember, one of the major parties had no problem putting Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency. In a country this ignorant, anything can happen. That is the ultimate scary fact of our times.

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cm said...

a member of a communist party apparat.
an official in a large political organization.
noun: apparatchik; plural noun: apparatchiks; plural noun: apparatchiki
"Tory apparatchiks"

I had to look that word up. Great use.
I refuse to believe there are enough clueless people in this country that see Hillary is the lesser of two evils. If Donald bows out that would be a really tricky move by the Republicans. I get your concerns. Meanwhile Trump is still here. (Shiver)