February 28, 2016

Frank Bruni rules

Frank Bruni speaks the truth like no other. Here's a bit from his NYT column on Trump (and Clinton):
IMAGINE, for a moment, the presidential candidacy of a rich, brash real estate magnate and reality TV star named Donna Trump.
Quizzically coifed and stubbornly sun-kissed, she’s on her third marriage. There’s clear evidence that infidelity factored into the demise of the first, and among her children is one conceived when The Donna wasn’t married to the other parent.

Her sexual appetites have been prodigious, at least according to her frequent claims and vulgar cant. And she has a tendency — disturbing on its own, even more so in someone who aspires to civic leadership — to talk about men as sirloins and rump roasts of disparate succulence. She denigrates those who displease her on cosmetic grounds:

So-and-so used to be a 9 but, with that male-pattern baldness and desperate comb-over, is down to a 6. So-and-so thinks he’s covering up that paunch with baggy suits, but we all know better.

How well do you think The Donna would do in the polls? How far into the race would she survive?
There's a lot more at the link. Go read it. And then wonder why most Americans don't see this obvious point. 

PS: My feeling is that it doesn't matter if Trump is the Republican nominee. His fans are mostly idiots who don't vote. On the other hand, Clinton's voters will be there promptly on Election Day. Not to worry. (Mind you, feel free to worry about what Clinton will do. That's not clear at all. Probably not much. She'll be too involved with all the Republican hatred directed her way.)

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