September 12, 2015

The view from down here

If you follow this blog, you know I've tossed my bed in the garbage. I sleep on a cushion on the floor now. In part, this is because my new apt is pretty small. The only way I could have an office here was to take over the bedroom with my two large desks, which left no room for a bed. But that's okay because I like it down here.

The view from the floor has disappeared from modern lives, at least in America. Sure, rugrats hang out there but adults shun floors. Bad move. It's cosmic down there.

And yes, this comes from my hippie days. In the 1960s, when we budding hippies visited a friend's house we'd all sit cross-legged on large floor cushions assembled around a low, round table. One or two poor slobs would sit apart, in the torture machines we referred to as butterfly chairs. Poor gits. They missed out on the lower vantage point. It was great on the floor. It just seemed so damned friendly. When you're on the floor, everyone's equal; you can feel it.

Now I find that going to bed, since my "bed" is on the floor, gives me that same feeling (okay, minus the crowd and the marijuana). It just feels right down there. Try it. Grab a friend and sit on cushions on the floor. It's way nicer than up here.

That is all. You may resume your lives now.


Artichoke Annie said...

I don't mind sitting or sleeping on the floor for that matter. But how do you get up? Do you have strategic macrame ropes hanging decoratively from the ceiling to offer assistance? On the rare occasion I am sitting on the floor I end up crawling to a couch or chair to help pull myself upright.

Maybe I don't do it enough these days?

writenow said...

Funny you should put it that way. Yes, it's because you don't do it often. When I first slept on the bed, it was difficult to get up. Old legs, old body. But I soon got the knack of it. Also, sitting cross-legged on the low cushion was painful at first. But I soon got used to it and it's not painful at all now. There's still some elasticity in my body, it seems. I love the idea of macrame ropes to pull me up, though. Just sounds funny.