November 14, 2014

Christmas is coming too quickly

I don't know about you, but Xmas seems like a pushy guest this year. It wants to move in right now -- but it's far too soon. Think about it. Thanksgiving is still two weeks away and yet we're already being urged to run to the closest mall and shop our hearts out. It's bizarre. In New York, Rockefeller Center's Xmas tree is already in place and folks have been ice skating there for weeks. But, but, but...wasn't it summer about five minutes ago?

And it snowed here last night. How rude! The trees still have leaves, fer god's sake. Back off, Xmas! But no, it's here and there's nothing we can do about it. They even moved Black Friday up this year so it seems like it's happening all the time. Xmas: it's unstoppable.

As a result, Christmas seems like a rude guest this year. Don't you agree? Or have I turned into one of those bah-humbug guys? Could be. I am getting older, after all.

What this early Xmas rush means, bottom line, is that you'd better pick up a copy of Xmas Carol today. Get going, kids! If you don't start reading right now, Xmas may hurtle past without you even noticing it. So get your very own copy of Xmas Carol and hold on tight. It'll put you in the right frame of mind for Xmas, guaranteed.

All kidding aside, the book is great fun. I promise you'll enjoy it (unless you're a religious nitwit or a raging anti-gay monster, in which case I have to wonder why you're visiting my blog).

Photo credit: J. G. Howes


Artichoke Annie said...

You are a bah-humbug, which by the way was my door banner one Xmas Season. To Dick's delight.

I say, since we are all geared up, let's celebrate Xmas on Friday after Turkey Day. I mean all the good dishes will still be out, lot's of left overs to eat. And then we can be done with it all and just take the month of December off to relax and read a good book (Xmas Carol) and take an even longer cruise.

writenow said...

I think they stretch it out because most people slip into a coma or deep depression after Xmas. Your plan will start the coma earlier so I don't think it will fly. Nice try, but I think there would be mass suicides. And anyway, you're just cruise-mad.

Artichoke Annie said...